Goodearth South India Flagship Store

Taking a cue from Goodearths vision of ‘Sustainable Luxury’, our design for the South India Flagship store emerged from making responsible choices both in the spatial flow as well as use of materials.

Our primary objective while displaying their extensive range of Home Décor, Dining and barware, Home Textiles and Apparel was to create a feeling of lightness within the space and to reiterate the elements that the brand stands for – natural, organic, handcrafted and sustainable.

The site, located in Bangalore’s’ most fashionable shopping district features an open-to –sky courtyard at its entrance. We intervened by inserting a covered pavilion and a verandah at its two ends; one accommodates an organic juice and salad bar/cafe while the other acts as a generous entry to the store and a connector between its two levels

One of the challenges of the existing house with several disconnected small rooms was for us to visually free the space for a more meaningful retail experience.  On the ground floor we created 3 successive linear bays running north-south effortlessly connected to enable a seamless spatial flow. The bay facing the courtyard with its expanse of glass features visual merchandise as well as home décor and barware. The centre voluminous bay contains home décor, dining and tableware and the bay at the rear focuses on home textiles.

The upper floor is an airy space on two split-levels focusing on apparel and accessories. One of the highlights of the space is a screen of vertical jute that gently demarcates both levels. At the far end is the display of spa products set against a white brick wall and bathed gently with natural light via a skylight.

The materials used are natural and recycled. The undersides of the roofs are in recycled crate wood and internal walls rendered in polished cement. Certain highlight walls are punctuated in white painted brick while the display fixtures are crafted in exposed steel and recycled timber. The flooring is an intentional patchwork of the existing terrazzo restored with areas of cement.

It was important for our clients to weave the aspect of ‘Story telling’ into the space, and we created two areas of projection within the store where films run on a loop to evoke the process of handcrafting of their products.



Project Details
Bangalore, 2015

Photographer Shamanth Patil