The Tower Kitchen

The design for this restaurant was a collaboration between Khosla Associates and graphic designers tsk Design.

The spatial layout has 3 zones, an intimate indoor lounge area, the expansive indoor dining area and the semi open cigar and whiskey lounge that looks out from a height into the city lights.

The existing concrete coffered ceilings prompted an approach where we chose to accentuate rather than conceal its features. We inserted a series of repetitive wooden trapezoidal forms into each of the coffers, forming a warm textural ceiling grid.

Giant outlined cut outs of kitchen tools clad in smoked veneer accented with red edges form pivot screens which allow for integration and separation of the fine dining and chefs tables from the main space. The utensil cut-outs themselves have the ability to rotate from their base creating and interesting layering and interplay according to the degrees of privacy required in the space.

Juxtaposing the contemporary warm space is a stunning screen, in which the graphic designers have transformed utilitarian kitchen utensils into a whimsical art installation. A grid of shapes – pots, pans, spatulas and whisks are laser cut out of thick metal sheet and linked together – drawing inspiration from nostalgic model moulds. Painted a bright post box red the screen forms an exciting divider between the lounge and dining spaces.

Central to the dining area is a seating cluster surrounding a central pebbled water feature and hovering low above the water is an arresting suspension light fixture of mica and brass custom designed by us.

The furniture and fixtures draw inspiration and recall the shapes used in the mid-century Modern movement.

ClientDivyasree Hospitality

Project Details 7,300 sq. ft.
Bangalore, 2012

Photographer Amit Pasricha & Shamanth Patil J.